Marshall Geisser Law | Trip Boat for Royal Caribbean & & Star Passengers Sinks in Mexico
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Trip Boat for Royal Caribbean & & Star Passengers Sinks in Mexico

Trip Boat for Royal Caribbean & & Star Passengers Sinks in Mexico

News sources in Mexico are reporting that an adventure boat with cruise guests aboard sank recently.

Riviera Maya News reports that the cruise expedition event happened on Wednesday January 3rd, around 15 minutes after the boat cruised from Cozumel with 10 cruise visitors aboard it. The boat ' s team advised the cruise guests to go to the bow; nevertheless, the boat handled water rapidly and the visitors needed to delve into the water. The cruise guests apparently were from a Royal Caribbean and a Celeb cruise liner.

The cruise guests were apparently saved from the water by other boats in the location,

Regional news sources mention that none of the cruise guests were physically hurt.

The YouTube video at the bottom reveals the bow of the sunken traveler boat bobbing in the water with a few of the guests being saved.

There have actually been numerous other comparable events throughout cruise expeditions near Cozumel, Mexico. Simply 6 weeks back, 95 German cruise poassengers from the Mein Schiff 6 cruise liner were saved after a catamaran boat started to sink throughout an adventure, acording to the Baja Post (image listed below).

This accident takes place simply over 2 week after a lethal bus excursion accident near Costa Maya, Mexico when a bus with 11 cruise guests from a Royal Caribbean cruise liner and a Celeb Cruises ship was heading to a Mayan ruins traveler destination in Chacchoben, in Quintana Roo state, Mexico.

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Video credit (listed below): 5to Poder Periodismo ConSentido YouTube page. Image credit (bottom) of November 16, 2017 sinking – Noticaribe through Baja Post.

Mexico Excursion Accident

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