Marshall Geisser Law | TN Judge Reprimanded for Birth Control Order
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TN Judge Reprimanded for Birth Control Order

TN Judge Reprimanded for Birth Control Order

A Tennessee judge who accepted shave time off prisoners’ sentences if they accepted get birth controls or other types of contraception was openly reprimanded by Tennessee judicial regulators, The Tennessean reports. In its letter of reprimand, the Tennessee Board of Judicial Conduct recommended White County judge Sam Benningfield acted in such a way that threatened public self-confidence in the judicial system. “You have actually acknowledged that although [you] were attempting to achieve a worthwhile objective in avoiding the birth of compound addicted infants by the entry of your order of Might 15, 2017, you now understand that this order might unduly push prisoners into going through a surgery which would trigger a minimum of a short-lived sanitation, and it was for that reason inappropriate,” the letter states.

Female prisoners who got an implant and male prisoners who went through birth controls got a 30- day prison credit. Benningfield revealed the handle Might. After significant public analysis, Benningfield rescinded it in July. Alex Friedmann, a previous prisoner who is now handling editor of Jail Legal News, submitted a grievance versus Benningfield. “Detainees are a susceptible population who are particularly vulnerable to such coercive rewards since they wish to go back to their households and are at threat of losing their tasks and real estate the longer they are put behind bars,” Friedmann stated. A federal claim implicated Benningfield of showing White County Constable Oddie Shoupe to perform a “contemporary eugenics plan.” Forty-two guys accepted the order.

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