Marshall Geisser Law | A New O.J. Simpson Innocence Theory From F. Lee Bailey
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A New O.J. Simpson Innocence Theory From F. Lee Bailey

A New O.J. Simpson Innocence Theory From F. Lee Bailey

It’s been 24 years because O.J. Simpson’s acquittal in the 1994 murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her pal Ronald Goldman divided popular opinion in such a way that maybe no other decision in U.S. history has. At 85, F. Lee Bailey, among the “all-star team” of attorneys numerous excoriated for representing Simpson, is trying to modify his track record with a book meant for a generation too young to have actually endured the “trial of the century,”reports the Boston Herald “There has actually been a polarization as bad as I have actually ever seen,” stated Bailey. “A great deal of white individuals have actually scolded me for prostituting my skills; blacks mored than happy with the result (of the trial). I lastly chose millennials are big in number. I can reach them.”

The book recommends the murders were performed by hit man sent out by Cuban or Colombian drug dealerships to gather a $30,000 financial obligation from Faye Resnick, who was remaining at Brown’s California condo up until Resnick checked out a drug rehabilitation center 3 days prior to her pal was discovered with her throat slit. “The killers were informed to eliminate a blonde female,” Bailey stated. “They most likely presumed Nicole was Faye.” Bailey yields he has no evidence for that theory. He argues not just that hit man misinterpreted Brown for Resnick, however likewise that Mark Fuhrman, a white previous Los Angeles cops investigator, planted a bloody glove at Simpson’s estate as part of a racially inspired plot versus him. “The glove might not have actually been dropped there by O.J.; he merely didn’t have time to dedicate the murders,” Bailey stated. “Mark Fuhrman dropped it there.” When asked under oath whether he had actually planted or made proof in the event, Fuhrman invoked his 5th Modification right versus self-incrimination and decreased to address.

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