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Asbestos Direct Exposure Summaries for VA Special Needs and DIC Claims

Asbestos Direct Exposure Summaries for VA Special Needs and DIC Claims

Among the crucial elements of an effective VA Disability Compensation claim or Dependence and Indemnity Settlement (DIC) claim for an asbestos-related disease is the asbestos direct exposure summary.

After a veteran is detected with an asbestos-related illness and a medical professional or other physician has actually offered a nexus letter, the next action is providing direct exposure proof.

It is vital to supply info about how the veteran was exposed to asbestos throughout their military service and explain possible civilian work direct exposure prior to and after active service.

Asbestos-related illness are various from numerous service-connected impairments where an injury or occasion takes place while an individual is employed and is recorded on service medical records.

Since of the long latency period connected with mesothelioma cancer and other asbestos-related health problems– generally in between 20 to 50 years– veterans are not detected and do not have actually recorded signs while on active service.

As an outcome, veterans need to supply proof to the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to show they had more direct exposure to asbestos in the military than prior to or after service.

A well-written and investigated direct exposure summary can be a fundamental part of this proof.

Summaries Include Where, When and How Direct Exposure Happened

In a direct exposure summary, a veteran supports a claim by offering info about where, when and how they were exposed to asbestos.

An asbestos direct exposure summary must consist of:

  • Details about their designated responsibilities
  • Particular asbestos-containing products or devices the veteran dealt with straight
  • A description of air-borne asbestos particles the veteran breathed in or consumed

Lots of veterans I have actually talked with over the previous 3 years presume the VA will understand how they were exposed based upon their service records or DD-214

While the VA acknowledges some military occupational specializeds have a higher risk of asbestos exposure— machinists, boiler specialists, mechanics, electrical experts and HEATING AND COOLING specialists– the veteran should supply proof that shows more direct exposure in service than in their civilian professions.

I motivate veterans to compose summaries as if the VA Service Officer has no understanding of their task responsibilities or asbestos-containing items.

This is particularly crucial for veterans who worked outside their designated military profession specialized code or were exposed to asbestos in exactly what is thought about low-exposure tasks.

VA-Accredited Claims Representatives Can Assist

As a VA-accredited claims agent, I deal with veterans to comprehend how they were exposed to asbestos throughout service and compose summaries that can be sent as part of their VA claims.

I have actually had the chance to deal with numerous veterans and have actually assisted compose more than 100 direct exposure summaries.

A few of the asbestos-related VA claims I have actually helped with consist of:

  • Limiting lung illness such as asbestosis
  • Mesothelioma Cancer
  • Lung cancer
  • Cancers of the bronchus, intestinal system, throat, vocal cords and urogenital system

The veteran’s help group at The Mesothelioma cancer Center can assist collect proof for VA claims and link veterans detected with asbestos-related illness to specialty treatment centers in Boston and Los Angeles or civilian medical centers.

We can likewise help veterans with extra funds, link them with psychological assistance services and supply literature for finding out more about their particular medical diagnosis. We are here to assist the brave males and females who served our nation.

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