Marshall Geisser Law | Critics Concern ‘Collateral Arrests’ in ICE Raids
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Critics Concern ‘Collateral Arrests’ in ICE Raids

Critics Concern ‘Collateral Arrests’ in ICE Raids

They rupture into a Los Angeles business bring semi-automatic weapons and using vests that just check out “authorities.” 4 males, consisting of Juan Hernandez Cuevas, were handcuffed and eliminated. Hernandez, 46, he had no concept which police had actually simply jailed him– or why– up until he came to a downtown L.A. processing center and saw the word “migration” composed on a wall,the Los Angeles Times reports Migration and Customs Enforcement representatives showed up with a warrant for the owner of the store, who had an impressive deportation order based upon several DUI convictions. They didn’t recognize themselves or ask concerns about the males’s migration status as they jailed every staff member.

The Trump administration calls immigrants who are not the initial targets however are swept up throughout enforcement actions “security arrests.” While some do have rap sheets, some have none. Immigrant rights supporters state the practice is a go back to the George W. Bush presidency, a duration when massive office raids prevailed.
Attorneys and supporters state the “arrest everybody initially, ask concerns later on” method– which some view as a reaction to the “sanctuary city” motion– breaks immigrants’ civil liberties and makes up racial profiling. Unlike in criminal court, immigrants dealing with deportation are not designated public protectors. Nationwide, 57 percent of immigrants dealing with deportation do not have a lawyer. Ingrid Eagly, a migration law teacher at UCLA, stated individuals subjected to unconstitutional arrests are not likely to understand ways to challenge their deportation and lot of times consent to their expedited elimination. “The concern is that worksite raids have actually currently increased in frequency and will continue to do so; that security arrests will continue to increase … which in their rush to perform this policy of restored worksite raids, ICE officers will overlook the law,” stated Hernandez’s lawyer, Eva Bitran.

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