Marshall Geisser Law | How Locke Lord LLP is utilizing Westlaw Edge to Stay Competitive
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How Locke Lord LLP is utilizing Westlaw Edge to Stay Competitive

How Locke Lord LLP is utilizing Westlaw Edge to Stay Competitive

Locke Lord LLP comprehends putting customers initially and running a rewarding company are not equally special. Point primary of the company’s objective declaration states as much– We will serve our customers’ interests initially. Our company’s success will follow.

It can be a fragile balance, and attaining both objectives needs all factors to be at the top of their video game at all times. That suggests working smarter and decreasing lost time and effort. Companies require to provide services in a way that supplies optimum worth to their customers and keeps them returning.

As a highly regarded nationwide law office with international reach, Locke Lord serves customers all over the world in a wide variety of lawsuits and transactional matters. Understanding that innovation is among the secrets to bring in and keeping customers, the company has actually just recently bought Westlaw Edge™, an AI-powered legal research study platform.

Acquiring the Right Tools to Fulfill the Company’s Objectives and Accommodate Customer Needs

The group at Locke Lord was amongst the very first to recognize that utilizing innovations powered by expert system would supply the effectiveness essential to assist them achieve regular jobs much faster so their experts might concentrate on greater worth activities. As Art Anthony, a partner in the company’s lawsuits group, describes, “My main factor to consider in examining brand-new innovations is the value-add to the company and to the customer in regards to performance. Customers are searching for their law practice to be effective with the shipment of legal services and to lessen expenses where possible.”

Nancy Scibelli Bouthilet, Director of Info Provider at Locke Lord, is accountable for the company’s operations and library department. Part of Bouthilet’s function is examining and carrying out brand-new innovations. “There were numerous functions we saw in Westlaw Edge that truly fell in line with what we’re attempting to do as a company in regards to ensuring we’re making use of the very best innovations offered which we are leveraging those to supply much better legal research study services,” she stated.

Efficiency is Secret

2 partners at the company, Sarah-Michelle Stearns and Mario Nguyen, value how the AI-powered functions of Westlaw Edge permit them to discover responses rapidly and supply much deeper insights in crucial discussions. As Stearns describes, “Getting the appropriate responses much faster to your partners puts you in line for the next job and permits you to invest your time on other jobs you may not have actually gotten to yet.” Nguyen includes, “Westlaw Edge has actually truly accelerated the method I do my research study and increased the self-confidence I have in my execution. I discovered direct, pertinent mentions that have actually not been overthrown, and I have actually had the ability to stroll to partners and state, ‘Here is the research study, it’s excellent to go.'”

How Can Westlaw Edge Assist You?

For more than 140 years, Westlaw ® has actually provided ground-breaking best-in-class innovation sustained by unrivaled editorial proficiency, and we have actually done it once again. Discover how Westlaw Edge supplies you with the fastest responses and the majority of important insights through the next generation of legal search, incorporated lawsuits analytics, the most effective citator, and more in our Westlaw Edge webinar.

View this 30- minute, as needed webinar, A Thorough Take A Look At Westlaw Edge: One Of The Most Smart Legal Research Study Platform Ever to hear more about how Westlaw Edge can assist increase your performance and precision when it pertains to legal research study. Chris Schoenbauer, supervisor on the Westlaw item management group, strolls through the brand-new functions and shows how the very best in legal research study simply improved.

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