Marshall Geisser Law | Suits Versus Miami-Based Cruise Lines: Carnival, Norwegian and Royal Caribbean
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Suits Versus Miami-Based Cruise Lines: Carnival, Norwegian and Royal Caribbean

Suits Versus Miami-Based Cruise Lines: Carnival, Norwegian and Royal Caribbean

Bloomberg Legal reports today that inning accordance with date which it gathered over the last numerous years, 83 federal injury cases were submitted versus cruise lines in the very first 3 months of2018 Bloomberg concludes that this figure continues an upward pattern over the last 2 years where 188 carelessness fits were submitted versus cruise lines in in 2017 and 164 in2016


Bloomberg likewise specifies that “” injury cases versus the 3 greatest cruise lines – Carnival, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., and Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings – represented 78 to 87 percent of all federal lawsuits they dealt with over the last 5 years, inning accordance with the information which it gathered.

Bloomberg describes that the suits “” frequently include slip-and-fall claims, however current grievances likewise Miami Cruise Lines declare major health problems and injuries aggravated by shipboard medical choices.””

The short article does not discuss that inning accordance with the conditions in the guest agreements, many cruise lines need that legal claims be submitted in the cruise line ' s house city, such as Miami for Carnival, Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean. These terms have actually been held to be binding by the United States Supreme Court in Carnival Cruise Lines, Inc. v. Shute, 499 U.S. 585 (1991).

Cruise lines based beyond Miami generally need that suit be submitted in the area of the city or state where their head offices are based. For instance, Holland America Line needs Seattle, Washington and Princess Cruises needs California.

Cruise lines now need that suits be submitted in federal court, which is generally more conservative than state court.

Although the short article recommends that lawsuits versus cruise lines is on the increase compared with the last 2 years, the reality of the matter is that suits submitted versus the cruise market have actually dropped off considerably compared with 15 years back.

For the 5 year duration from 2001 to 2006, there was approximately 423 suits submitted a year versus cruise lines, inning accordance with the Miami Herald short article “” Law on the High Seas.”” by Amy Martinez (short article at bottom). On the other hand, for the last 2 years (2016-2017), there was approximately just 176 inning accordance with the information gathered by Bloomberg, which is simply 40% of the 2001-2006 average.

The factor for this decrease is that many cruise lines not allow team members to submit suits in the United States, however rather need the filing of international arbitration where judges and juries are not allowed.

The only suits which are now allowed to be submitted versus the cruise market include guests who are hurt throughout cruises.

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Lawsuits Against Cruise Lines

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