Marshall Geisser Law | District Attorneys Want 19 Accusers to Affirm Versus Cosby
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District Attorneys Want 19 Accusers to Affirm Versus Cosby

District Attorneys Want 19 Accusers to Affirm Versus Cosby

District attorneys getting ready for Costs Cosby’s retrial on sexual attack charges wish to call 19 other accusers to aim to reveal a pattern of “previous bad acts” over 5 years,the Associated Press reports The comic’s very first trial ended with a hung jury in June. Because case, district attorneys asked to call 13 other accusers, however the judge enabled just one to affirm, a female who stated she was assaulted by Cosby at a Los Angeles hotel in1996 On Thursday, district attorneys asked the court to reassess its earlier order, stating the 19 females’s allegations reveal that Cosby’s previous bad acts are adequately “unique therefore almost similar regarding end up being the signature of the very same criminal.” Pennsylvania law permits statement about “previous bad acts” if they fit an almost similar criminal offense pattern.

District attorneys state that holds true for the star when called “America’s Papa” for his function as Cliff Huxtable on The Cosby Program. They state Cosby consistently utilized his popularity and power to befriend impressionable girls, knocked them out with drugs or alcohol then sexually attacked them. Cosby is accuseded of drugging and sexually attacking previous Temple University worker Andrea Constand at his rural Philadelphia house in2004 Cosby has stated the encounter was consensual. Prior to the very first trial, Cosby’s legal representatives challenged any statement about “previous bad acts,” stating that sometimes the sex was consensual, while others included designs and starlets incorrectly implicating Cosby to get cash or attention. The retrial is set for April 2 in rural Philadelphia.

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